Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Me Again

So here’s a u-turn. I’ve been on a 2 year hiatus from blogging because I feel I have run out of fodder as it pertains to my subject matter.

A brief reference:

Previous blog: outrageous/bizarre stories related to my career as a nurse, car owner, telemarketing victim.

New Blog: Document my family. I know I’ll wish I did if I don’t!

I dread knowing that my blog will now be a tad boring and full of stuff you may care nothing about, but to me it will be priceless. I bet your heart does not twitter when my son learns a new word or tells his first joke, but boy mine does! So here, I will document what happens in the Bailey Palace, what the Lord whispers deep in my heart, and a little bit of ridiculousness. You can read along if you’d like, or just visit when you feel the urge to refresh yourself about the adventures of Ms. Miller or Ms. Jones. Those ladies are always a good read.

So buckle up, we’re making a u-turn. And I’m baaaaa-aaack!

P.S. The picture was a little present from Joseph.


Scott said...

yippee... glad you're back! there was a hole in my being these past 2 years....

BurroJoe said...

Welcome back! Cool new site!

Katy said...

Hey, Crista! Glad you pulled a uey!

JB, an acronym is the gift that always says, "I love you."

The DeVore's said...

I am so glad you are back!! I promise I won't take you off my blog links-ever :) Love you