Monday, June 26, 2006


So..funny story….
I went to a Life Group meeting last night which also happened to be a potluck dinner. I was wearing a maroon maternity shirt, as I am building quite a bump.
I walked out of the restroom which was next door to the playroom where the children were playing.
At that time I overheard one of the girls say in disgust to her friend, “Did you see the lady in the maroon shirt with the kinda fat tummy? She was eating a cupcake!”

Guess she didn’t know WHY I had a “kinda fat tummy” I should probably still lay off the cupcakes, though!


Holly said...

Awww I'm sorry---eat all the cupcakes you want---within reason!!!

P.S. - Do you have a pool?

. . .it wouldn't let me sign in

schwalka said...

I have a pool...its not as glamourous as it was built in the 80's so its falling apart a little, but the water sparkles like the carribean thanks to JB's hard work and it sure feels nice on a hot day!

Andrea Casey said...

I bet Baby B liked the cupcake. :)

He/she was probably thinking, "I've got the coolest Mom!", while those girls were making rude comments. Bet their mommies never gave them cupcakes that early on. ;)

Jess and Josh said...

Geeze Louise! Kids can be so thoughtless. I saw pics of you and I thought you looked HOT.

Ashley said...

I know for certain that cupcakes make for sweeter babies.

Holly said...

I want a pic of that belly bump!!!