Monday, June 26, 2006


So..funny story….
I went to a Life Group meeting last night which also happened to be a potluck dinner. I was wearing a maroon maternity shirt, as I am building quite a bump.
I walked out of the restroom which was next door to the playroom where the children were playing.
At that time I overheard one of the girls say in disgust to her friend, “Did you see the lady in the maroon shirt with the kinda fat tummy? She was eating a cupcake!”

Guess she didn’t know WHY I had a “kinda fat tummy” I should probably still lay off the cupcakes, though!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

I try not to practice paranoia, but I think there is a largely neglected conspiracy in the Universe. I have not heard of any research grants for this, nor have I really met anyone in a panic to push legislation to initiate them either.

I’m talking about the alternate universe to where all spare socks go. I have no less than 20 single socks-very cute socks in fact-that are absolutely useless to me. I’ve turned every couch cushion, searched under every bed and cleaned out all the drawers at one point or another, only to end my search dejected and confused.

I’m afraid to buy more socks. What will keep those from falling prey to this unseen danger?

I just wanted to raise awareness.