Thursday, June 01, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

I try not to practice paranoia, but I think there is a largely neglected conspiracy in the Universe. I have not heard of any research grants for this, nor have I really met anyone in a panic to push legislation to initiate them either.

I’m talking about the alternate universe to where all spare socks go. I have no less than 20 single socks-very cute socks in fact-that are absolutely useless to me. I’ve turned every couch cushion, searched under every bed and cleaned out all the drawers at one point or another, only to end my search dejected and confused.

I’m afraid to buy more socks. What will keep those from falling prey to this unseen danger?

I just wanted to raise awareness.


Steve said...

Have you checked with Burro? Maybe he's using them to cover his four hooves...or maybe he's hiding his money from his sinister double life in your missing socks! Just a thought, but one I'd definitely follow up on. Take care of the luck that you might have if you have luck!!

Holly said...

True, True!!! When we moved I threw away a bag full of socks with no match. It's very strange!!!!

Scott said...

i always find mine in the wife's sock drawer. Perhaps you should write to your congressman and initiate some legistlation... No sock left behing.

scott said...

why do I always catch these spelling mistakes after it's published?

Jennifer said...

I used to blame it on the washers and dryers at HSU...then I was quite certain that my missing socks were in your drawer, or Kami's or Stacy', I'm not sure where they go. I'm feeling a bit paranoid since you've brought it up!