Friday, August 05, 2011

a New idea!

I had a new idea. I think I'll post my favorite things my kids did/said today. If i post enough "todays" then eventually, i'll have a really neat keepsake book.

Very wise people tell me about child-rearing, "Write all of this down. You will forget it if you don't!"

I'm awesome at writing it down...on Facebook--an non-archivable source. sheesh.

so here goes,

Today, August 15th, 2011

  • Micah spent significant time making funny faces in the mirror in his room when he didn't know anyone was watching.

  • Judah spent significant time making faces and dancing into the mirrors at Ross.

  • At bedtime, I told Judah and Micah to tell everyone good night and give them hugs. Tonight, after being sure to hug big brother, Luke, the dog, and mom repeatedly, Micah hugged the diaper cream and said "night night medicine" and Judah followed suit.

  • Then Judah proceeded to hug and say "night night bubba's milk cup" and "night night my milk cup"

  • Me: "Luke, the scientists say that you need a lot of sleep for your brain to work well"
Luke: "the scientists are wrong."

  • Luke tried really hard to memorize the words to the Bibleman song.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Table Top Truths!


A stuttered sentence is the only way to emphasize how much i think this is a great idea.
One of my best girls, Sara Moffitt and one of her best girls Lisa Sledge, have had a genius plan that they have eloquently put into action.

(look aren't they cute? Lisa left, Sara right)

They call it Tabletop TRUTHS. Throw your Dora and Batman placemats on the floor. A fresh new placemat wants to take its place.

Sara and Lisa noticed that their kids were learning things like colors and shapes, etc from their placemats and started thinking about what else they could learn. Why not life-affirming and life-changing scripture and principles?

in their own words :

"Tabletop TRUTHS is a collection of durable, colorful place mats designed to be used as a springboard to Biblical knowledge, spiritual growth and great family conversations. Each mat comes with thought-provoking questions, conversation starters and Scripture references to help you teach your children."


and the Bonus? one side is totally cute house decor,

with the other side being the teaching materials.

love it.

Their website is