Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mrs. Jones* Part I

“Miss Betty! Miss Betty!” I turned the corner on the 6th floor of Harris Methodist Hospital and a mixture of delight and weariness crossed my emotions. She’s calling for me again. Now I know what you are thinking. My name is not Betty. You know that and I know that, but Mrs Jones* in room 603 does not know that.

Mrs. Jones holds the award for “favorite patient ever” and “most draining patient ever” in my short 6 years in the nursing field. She needs everything, she doesn’t know much about what’s going around on her, but the one thing she does remember is “the Lord, oh how he blesses us Miss Betty.” I love her. Though some have heard these stories and may tire of them again, I will dedicate a few blogs to the 1 week I spend with Mrs. Jones and the adventures therein.

There was never a question about what Mrs. Jones needed at any given time because she would pray for it out loud. Very Loud.
“Dear Lord, I pray you bring me down a warm blanket” She’s cold, I deduce.

“Dear Lord, I pray you bring me some holy water!” She’s thirsty.

“Dear Lord, could you send me some chitlins?” Well, the closest I could come to that was tomato soup.

I fed her the tomato soup. It was your garden variety Campbells Tomato Soup. Nothing special.

“Oh Miss Betty, this is the best ‘mata soup I ever ate!” she says while spewing tomato soup all over my face. “Did you make it?” I informed her that Campbells made it. She said “Well could you tell him to put onion in it? I would like that”.

So Mr. Campbell, if you’re out there…..Mrs. Jones would like onion in that soup.

*The names of those involved have been changed to protect their identity.


BurroJoe said...

I'll try it too--

"Lord, please send me holy dollars from heaven."

Nope. Didn't work.

schwalka said...

nice try baby.

moffitt said...

I'll also try...

"Lord, please send schwalka and burrojoe back to College Station."

I'm standing by.

schwalka said...

i hope it works!

schwalka said...

sorry abilene friends. I love it here too.

Schwalk said...

me too....

Lord please help schwalka and burrojoe find the time in there busy schedules to have a child to take the pressure off of me

this better work

schwalka said...

LOL Brad!

Holly said...

that's so cute - can I call you Miss Betty?

Lex said...

I like the way you write! And, I'm looking forward to Part II.