Friday, November 18, 2005

What I "Use-ta Think" Part II

The appendix is what collects all the pennies you swallow
(in a nursing school lecture I had a moment where I said….wait a minute…..)

I actually was Wonder Woman whenever I had my costume on

Holly would really stop being my best friend if I didn’t lose the “math bee” on purpose (we’ve been best friends for 27 years…but I did lose the math bee on purpose so I guess we’ll never know :) j/k Holly)

The Sonic sign said “Happy Easter” (It really said Happy Eating)

Maxi pads were for women’s bras

My dolls would get jealous if they did not rotate who got to sleep by me.

Every hairy fat man was a kidnapper.

What did you “Use-ta think?”


Schwalk said...

It was illegal to breath around certian people.

My dad could watch TV while asleep.

schwalka said...

oooo burn, schwalk. and for the record, I never told you to stop breathing! :) that is a good one about Dad! we thought he could!

KristenRea said...

I totally thought the Sonic sign said "Happy Easter!"

Jess said...

What about stop signs with a white border? What do those mean Schwalka?

jennifer said...

I used to think...
...If Santa could come down the chimney, so could anyone else.

...My dad stayed awake all night thinking about airplanes.

...My stuffed animals and dog, Pepper, could talk to my parents only after I was sleeping.

...The cracks on my friend's swingset were actually imprints from Bigfoot's hairy bottom...he had been there swinging the night before.

...I was the boss of everyone!

Holly said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog even if it was a little condescending! (J/K)

Holly said...

We also used to think you could only get saved inside of a hula hoop :)

schwalka said...

Holly-Not Condescending...Full of love!! B/F/F/E