Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mrs. Jones Part III
(we’re almost finished!)

“Mrs. Jones Do you know my name?”. Probably I asked this question for a little entertainment on my part. I knew she didn’t know. I knew that she could distinguish me from others, as everyone had a different moniker besides their own name. The only one she called by their real name was the cute male night nurse, Jesse. She started calling for him the minute she heard his voice at shift change. The ladies always know, I guess. “Why sure, your name is Miss Betty”, She answered.

“No, Mrs. Jones, my name is Crista”. Her reply has now become legend.

“Oh Thank the Lord for Sista Crista!”

And that is how one of my nicknames was born.


BurroJoe said...

Sista Crista!

Maybe it's fortunate that she didn't find you as cute as the male night nurse.

Holly said...

Good to know about the new nickname!

Brother Steve said...

Brother Steve thinks Sista Crista is a great nick name.

KristenRea said...

If there was an award for best pictures with the funniest posts -- you'd definitely win my vote this week! I am not nearly tired of these stories yet.