Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Before and After

The close up at 12 weeks:

fully cooked!

We are having a blast with our new baby boys. They are SUCH good babies and so sweet. I can't believe they will be 9 weeks old on Thursday. Where does the time go? ( I think it goes somewhere involving the middle of the night and no sleep..the dimension of reality I've been in for a while now!)
I would like to give props though, to the boys who let me sleep quite a bit last night. Holla! (is that still cool? I thought not.)

This was fun. we should meet here again.


Anonymous said...

They are precious! Hope the move is going well! God's Blessings to your family.

Love, Raegan Byington

Amanda said...

All your boys are so sweet, Crista. Thanks for the introduction to the two newest...they have one of the coolest moms ever!

Hopefully, I'll be joining you in no-sleep land sometime in the next few months...Lord willing. We are just waiting now. :)

Wear the Kiddos Play said...

Oh, I just love them and can't wait to hold them! Glad they are behaving themselves for you :) Miss you guys!