Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Answer

You are lying in bed. It's dark, the house is quiet. If only you could sleep, but your mind keeps racing around one question. Does it have an answer? Could anyone even know the depths of it?

The Question that won't let you rest:

"What would Delta Airlines' response be should I ever (minimally) be of assistance in helping save someone's life in-flight?"

You can rest now. I have the answer and it came via USPS.

It's not round-trip first class airfare to Hawaii, but it was thoughtful. I seriously wasn't expecting anything other than legal hassle when they asked for my address.

Sleep tight.


Christi said...


Were there Lifesavers in there too? That seems appropriate.

Thanks for being a "fan."

BurroJoe said...

I think the crackers tasted a bit like dog food. I'm not entirely sure what dog food tastes like, but I imagine it's like these Delta treats.

schwalka said...

No lifesavers, but that would have been cute!
I wouldn't qualify for that really, I only took a blood pressure and calmed him down once he came to. What candy parallels that?