Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The "Not-So-Easy-Button"

Is life getting too easy? I just used a calculator for double digit addition. I think that the key to preventing the demise of our intellect in the society of the “easy button” is to implement a “not so easy button”.

What if your calculator refused to solve simple problems? The readout would say…. "Duh. Do it yourself!"

What if the TV remote control did not work at close range?

What if your car went into “penalty phase” after you drove less than ½ a mile to a destination? I drive 2 blocks to the gym to work out.

What if email only allowed “x” number of correspondences before a face to face or “real letter” was initiated?

Nah, I like easy.


Holly said...

I absolutely agree. Although I do enjoy a good challenge every now and then--but I mean like a Scrabble game or something along those lines. Love ya!!!

schwalka said...

A good mind game is a good thing.
Speaking of games...I don't think I know the correct way to deal a solitaire game anymore..the computer always does it for me.

Tex said...

Now, who in their right mind would pay for a calculator that could not do simple math? That's just not good business!

Holly said...

Yea...but I bet you know how to deal a Spades game baby :)

Steve said...

I prefer the Abacus.