Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Exasperation Defined

I am trusting. That is different from naive. I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps that is why I believed the telephone survey guy when he asked for a moment of my time.

Webster says a "moment" is : 1 a : a minute portion or point of time : INSTANT b : a comparatively brief period of time.

I asked this man what was his definition of a "moment". He replied that he only required 3 minutes. THIRTEEN minutes later I had answered every invented useless question related to taco establishments.

He asked me if I had ever eaten at an establishment named "Baja Fresh".
I answered No.
The very next question was "Do you like Taco Bueno or Baja Fresh better?"
My answer: "I don't know what Baja Fresh is"
Next question: "How would you rate the cleanliness of Baja Fresh versus Taco Bell?"
My answer: "I don't know what Baja Fresh is"
Next question: "Do you eat at Baja Fresh a. one time a week, b. 2-3 times a week, c. 5 times a week, d.--"
I couldn't let him finish. "Seriously, I can't answer any questions about Baja Fresh"
"Ok Ma'am, I'm sorry. Now, would you recommend Baja Fresh to your friends?"

What I do recommend to my friends is to hang up if the survey guy asks you for "3" minutes of your time.


Holly said...

I hate surveys--good advice. Do you like Baja Fresh?

Charity said...

Didn't your mom teach you to never talk to strangers?

Jess and Josh said...

For the record...Baja Fresh is pretty good but nothing like Taco Bueno at all. What weirdos.

Tex said...

I wish that guy would call me. I'd keep him entertained for hours... We would probably get along quite nicely.

Holly said...

Okay I need a new blog from you---having serious withdrawls!!!!

Jess and Josh said...

Happy Birthday Crista!