Thursday, December 29, 2005

Grandma Lucy

For Christmas Day, we went to Perryton, Texas to Grandma Lucy's house. Grandma is lots of fun, cooks really well and she can quote the entire Bible (nearly).

I'll give you just a glimpse of this fun loving lady with a few quotes.

Playing cards:
"I'm not being nice, I'm just trying to beat you"
"Play 'til you win or you won't sleep well"
"I always play to win" (even against a 4 year old!)
"We can't stop now, its only midnight. Renee will play with me until 2 am"
"Crista thinks she's too special to shuffle cards" I really just forgot to help.

Meal time:
"I know you just ate breakfast at 11:30, but its 12 and its dinner time"
"You have to have 5 things on your plate and butter doesn't count"
"I don't eat very much dinner, then I wouldn't have room for candy"
"Nobody ever leaves my house hungry"

On Nutrition:
"They say dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate, because it has more cocoa. I don't like dark chocolate so I just eat twice as much milk chocolate for the benefits"
"For dinner last night I had candy"

When I was fixing her shirt collar she said "Its no use, it won't help this galloping horse"
When she was offered a drink with dinner she said "No thanks, I'm driving to town later" (We meant water, she was kidding, of course)
When I answered the door bell at her house she was standing outside and said "I just wanted to know if you liked me enough to let me in."
When I filled out her Mary Kay order form on Christmas Day, I absentmindedly asked the day's date. She asked "Do you sell any smart pills?"

There are tons more stories that may come out later. She's just such a special lady. She's the youngest 85 year old I've even met!


Scott said...

So... Do you sell smart pills? If so, I would like to order some! :)

Holly said...

She's the wittiest 85 year old too. She still has her smarts doesn't she. I love Lucy!!!!

lhall said...

ohhhh hi! it is so good to be reconnected with you guys again! i absolutely love reading your are such a LIGHT! thanks for finding me in blogland...hope to see you soon.

Andrea Casey said...

Hey girl! Found your blog through the Blessing's blog and thought I'd say HI. Your blog on your Grandma Lucy made me think I should pass along this silly prank story my 91 year old grandfather shared with me recently... when he was a teen, he and his buddies would poor whisky into a hole in a watermelon to get kids drunk! I had no idea my grandpa had that in him...he's the nicest grandpa. Goodness gracious! Grandparents gone wild...
Todd and I are doing well...still adjusting and a little homesick for Abilene. Wish we could do Taco Tuesday with all of you.
If you get a chance, check out our blog at Hope y'all are doing well!

schwalka said...

andrea! HI!! I just read your blog and was looking for a way to comment and could find none. your grandpa sounds so much fun. WE miss you!