Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Best in Class

Just a thought that occurred to me in the many hours we've already logged on the freeway this holiday season......

Don't you think the person driving the big trucks labeled "Flammable" should be valedictorian of truck driving school or, at the very least, employee of the month? That, then, may cut out the fear that we experienced as the Flammable truck swerved in and out of our lane of traffic. Maybe this driver was a fill in because of Christmas vacation. That's what I choose to believe. The Valedictorian will be back after New Year's.

Are my expectations too high? I feel about the same with brain surgeons and bomb squad leaders.


KristenRea said...

I personally think that the scariest thing on the road are the 18 wheelers that say "Student Driver."

Tex said...

If tractor trailers ever begin swerving my way, I simply pull out a lighter (or c4, whatever is handy) and wave it in their general direction. Its swell how friendly they get after that.