Sunday, November 29, 2009

Luke Bailey is 3!!!

Luke Bailey! You're 3!

What a fun 3 years it has been. You add so much laughter, insight, fun, excitement and overall greatness to our life and our family. I love you so much!

We celebrated today with a Toy Story themed birthday party. Luke attended the party as Buzz Lightyear, as you can see in the picture. We gave him this costume for his birthday this morning at 9 am, and except for nap, it has been in place!

It was so precious. All day, he was in character. For example:

Luke asked "Mommy, where is Daddy?"
Me: "He's at church"
Luke: "No, you say 'Buzz Lightyear, daddy's at church'"

Or, if anyone called him Luke, he would be quick to remind them "you can call me Buzz Lightyear"

He had way too much birthday cake, played with every toy he owns with all of the kids who came over and finally fell asleep after singing songs and talking to himself for an hour. I guess he was worked up and had a good day and didn't want to sleep. That's fun. That was my goal.

I asked Luke if he could stay little for a while longer and he said "Naw, silly. I need to be as big as daddy"

FTR, yesterday he announced that when he grow up he wants to be a "green daddy". I think that is a very big deal, as green is his favorite color and that adds to the compliment that daddy is his favorite person.

I love you little man. If you must grow up will you please still always say "Oh! I most-tagot!" (I almost forgot) and call masks "mask-ez"?