Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Life in a Mixing Bowl?

So I was baking last Tuesday. I was making brownies for our dear friends the Moores who just had their sweet baby Niah.

The recipe called for 2 eggs. I cracked the first egg in the bowl. Then the second. But this one was different. It was a twin egg! A perfectly separated nucleus. Staring into that mixing bowl, I laughed to myself and said "Well there's my life in a mixing bowl!" Referring, of course, to having a singleton (Luke) first and then surprise twins next.

I thought it was cute so I took a picture.

Well then Wednesday I was baking again. Banana bread this time. Luke's favorite! The recipe called for one egg. I cracked it open and this is what I found:

Another perfectly split twin egg!!

And then I fainted.

Well, not physically, but, holy cow! Have you ever seen a twin egg? Not me! What are the odds of seeing two in a row? Perhaps the odds of having sets of twins two in a row?

Is this my life in a mixing bowl? It should be fun to ride this one out.

I've quit using eggs for the time being.


Tyler and Kelly said...

Wow!! Pretty cool!! I hope you guys are feeling encouraged! I know God is with you and will help you guys!! We were searching for schools for Hannah yesterday....been tough for me to think about sending my baby to an Ukrainian public school....anyways...last evening....the couple we are meeting with in home group....just happened to mention that his mom works at the school across the street from us!! How had this not come up in conversations earlier??....I don't know...But I do know that God used it to remind me that He loves me and He knows my thoughts and fears! Love you guys! We are praying for you!

Magen said...

Very Clever! Loved the post. I think it may have been the Lord's way of saying to you:

"Hey, I'm still mindful of you and your twins. You are always on My mind and heart. Just keep that in mind!"

So cool! It's been YEARS since I've opened a twin egg.

Tammy said...

Remind me not to have you come and bake at my house! :) Don't you love how the Lord reminds us we are always near to his heart!

Amanda said...

Ha! I thought the same thing as I was reading this...is this prophecy for you? :) We will be staying tuned to see. Hope you all are well.

emma said...

I loved your story! But then, I love everything you do. So can we have girls on the second set of twins? Say, I wonder if your siblings would like to borrow some of those eggs?!?! Love, Mom :)

Holly said...

I've never seen a twin egg, but I'll be on the look out now as they are a sign of things to come. I guess you are going to be seeing 2 of everything soon...God's just getting you ready!!!

Raegan Byington said...

That is so funny! I've never seen anything like that!!! That would be pretty awesome if you did end up with 2 sets of twins.