Saturday, July 19, 2008

Camp Bonita- June 15th-20th

For the 3rd year in a row all the Baileys (Joseph, Crista, and Luke) Joined the ranks of volunteers for Kids Camp at Camp Bonita north of Ruidoso, NM. This was Joseph’s 4th year actually. He’s the one that got the Baileys on the Kids camp train.

Camp Bonita is a week in the mountains, praising the Lord and loving on kids. It is always TONS of work, but oh so worth it. I love it! I’m already doing the math so I can time it just right to have a baby around the camp schedule. Maybe I’m kidding, if only a little.

Even though Luke is 1 ½, this is how he counts for 3 years:
Year 1 2006: Luke in utero (I was 4 months prego), Year 2- 2007” Luke 7 months, Year 3-2008 Luke 19 months.

You may feel that the prego year didn’t count for Luke attendance. On the contrary! Hiking up mountains, carrying all the camp nurse supplies and wearing myself out taking care of 300 kids--it counts. I was very aware that Luke was there with me.

But, I digress.

This year was especially fun for all of us because Luke really got into playing with the other kids and was very aware of all of the fun. He was a champ! He missed a lot of sleep, but was a real trooper!

He went to Band practice while Mom and Dad rehearsed:

Ate Plenty of dessert:

And rekindled old friendships with Carol who works in the cafeteria. Sweet Carol. She remembered us!
2007- 7 months old (Luke, not Carol)
2008: Luke is 19 months

God did some amazing things in the lives of the kids and counselors.
For instance, in my previous camp nurse experience, there was a slew of illness and injury, to the point where I was overwhelmed and a few ER visits transpired. This year, as all of the onslaught started on the first night, Pastor Randy prayed for healing and wellness over the entire camp. And, would you know it, medically speaking I was pretty bored (compared to previous years)! PRAISE THE LORD! That’s how we nurses like it!

Also, Ruidoso is in the middle of a pretty bad drought. The kids had compassion on Ruidoso and even though it would affect camp activities, they prayed for rain to come. The weather report showed 0% chance of Rain and God was merciful and it rained that day!!


That’s my new "Jesus form" of “Holla!” Think it will catch on?

Me neither.


The Milfords: said...

Can the Milfords come play next year? It sounds like so much fun! I don't have a lot to offer, unless social work is needed at Camp Bonita, but I am good at listening. Maybe I can apply as a listener. Yeah. I am sure that will work.


(I like it!)

schwalka said...
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schwalka said...

Oh it is SO on! Hope you marked your calenders. You are pretty much committed already.

BurroJoe said...

Love the new template! Looks super-sharp! And, yes, I DO write with exclamation points, even if I don't talk with them!!!!

Bwah, ha hahahahahah!!!!

JSmo said...

Claire loves looking at all of the pictures of Luke! She's wondering what he's doing in her "bed" and how it got on stage? Most of all, she's glad she's not stuck in it screaming!

Maybe we'll join you next year!

schwalka said...

oops jsmo. you better mark your calendars too as you are now committed!

Raegan said...

Hello. That's great that Luke has pretty much gone to Camp all of his life. Hopefully he'll keep on going with his awesome daddy playing guitar, and his awesome mommy who is a GREAT nurse!! Congrats on Pregnancy!!!!! I 'm really excited for you. How many more weeks until you find out the sex? When is your due date?!?