Friday, June 27, 2008


So, hey, Crista. How's that "documenting your family" going?

Fine, thank you. I've written several blogs in my head. You haven't read them?

Oh. Ok here's the Cliffs Notes.

May 7th: The Baileys packed up and headed to Burleson for my mom's retirement reception. Mom is an elementary school teacher in the public school system. She's served 24+ years to molding young minds and she is fabulous at it! The time has come to leave the public school system behind to embrace the private school sector. We're so proud of you Mom!

On a funny note, the reception honored several teachers that were retiring and the emcee asked for each retiree to introduce their family who had come to celebrate with them. It was really great for my mom to be able to introduce all of us as we were all able to make it, even my dad who had to work extra hard to fly in from Chicago. Well, it came around to one precious lady who stood and said "No one is here with me today, I'm alone." Quickly the emcee repiled "you're not alone, we are your family!" This was met by the crowd responding with affectionate versions of "yeah! yeah, we're your family!" The room soon quieted and from my arms I heard Luke's sweet little voice respond "Yeah!"

May 10th: My Sweet friend Jennifer threw a Mother's Day brunch for her friends. Very sweet!

May 12th. (Deep breath. *gulp*) I turned 30.

There it is. I said it. That's taken a lot of positive self talk to admit openly! Really it didn't hurt that bad. It does sting a little each time I answer the "how old are you?" question or when I check the age 30-39 demographic on questionnaires. I'm sure this pain will dull with time.

I awoke to the smell of Bacon. Awesome, right? JB had gotten up early to make very yummy breakfast burritos and took me and Luke on a breakfast picnic. It was so fun and thoughtful! We fed ducks, played on the playground. Good times.

That night, the same sweet Jennifer as above helped JB throw a birthday party for me. It was a good night of friends, Sam's pizza and cake. Does it get better? I submit that it does not!

May 16th: Joseph's sister Keri and her husband Chad gave us an overnight date! It was complete with childcare, Outback gift card and a local hotel room. It was fun to go to a movie and a late dinner and linger over coffee and have adult conversation. This was a present for both of our 30th birthdays and we are so grateful. Such generosity!

The rest of the month was a fun mix of dinner with friends, baby birthday parties and a few photo shoots with JB.

And who could forget Memorial Day slip-n-slides with the Hoes family?

It was a good May.

There are the Cliff's Notes. Pop Quiz on Monday.