Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Alive

I survived my second attempt at skiing! I will fill you in on my first attempt so that you can have an idea of how joyous my victory was!

The year was 1995, the place Angel Fire, New Mexico. I was a confident 17 year old joining this world of skiers that I had heard so much about.

I gathered my equipment and headed to ski school. My instructor was a frenchman named Jean Marie (make sure you read his name with a French accent). The humiliation began at that moment. 12 year olds quickly picked up Jean Marie's instruction while I struggled to stay on my feet in line for my turn to snow plow. It was my turn and I fell flat on my rear end!

Jean Marie tried to help me up but in the process, my ski whipped around and slammed him in the knee. He hobbled and cursed under his breath at the injury. He released everyone to the slopes and turned to me, pointed and said "YOU Are not ready! Come back to ski school this afternoon."

I Failed Ski School!!

Dejected, I tried to ski down the bunny slope towards my cabin. After falling 3 times, I removed my skis and trudged home. I spent the rest of the weekend watching "The Breakfast Club". Four times.

I'm proud to report that this weekend, after a morning and 1/2 afternoon of falling and crying, I finally became one of you.... a skier.

The irony....I not too intelligently undertook this challenge while my insurance was on hiatus (due to comapany billing mix up) but I left the slopes unscathed. And hour later, however, in the shower, the shampoo bottle fell on my foot causing my only injury.

I'm healing fine, though, now...thank you for asking.


BurroJoe said...

You made it! Welcome to the club, life is much different on this side of being a skier.

Holly said...

Ahh the world of Crista - a shampoo bottle? You're funny!!!

Schwalk said...

Wow....how did you remeber the ski instructors name? well i am glad you made it to the club....now comes the fun part....ditch the skis and strap on a snowboard.....(just make sure your insurance is in effect) Its a lot more fun .....congratulations

Tex said...

congrats on the accomplishment! it won't be long now until you're skiiing backwards down the hill video taping your comrades. :)

Schwalk said...

so did you take any pictures of this ski trip...if so tell jb to post them on flickr

schwalka said...

our friend Scott took some great pics. I'll see if he wouldn't mind sharing. he said he even got my picture skiing and smiling simultaneously...something we never thought would happen!

KeriHoes said...

I attempted to ski once, after landing on a tree trunk, I kissed those days goodbye.